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  • Name: The Transformer
  • L: 52" x W: 28" x H: 36" - Lbs: 170
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Price: $3,359.00
  • Sale: $2,995.00   Save: $364.00
The Transformer
L: 52 x W: 28 x H: 36 Lbs: 170
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This Unit Includes:

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Product Description:

The Transformer Hand Truck changes the way companies operate. Built on powerful electric drive system, this hand truck is capable of handling 750 pounds. This unique cart is the built in versatility. The cart has multiple attachments that can be added or removed quickly and easily via one pin. This cart runs on a rechargeable battery pack that is capable of providing power for daily use. (6 to 8 hours)

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The Transformer Capacities:

Level Ground: 750 lbs capacity 3:1 Slope: 550 lbs capacity


Overall Size: 36"H x 28"W x 52"L
Folding Foot Plate: 9"D x 20"L

Material: Steel


All electric power – Zero emissions, zero fumes, and full power all the time
Minimal Maintenance – No oil filters, air filters, or gas to add
All Day Battery – Operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge
SmoothStart–On acceleration, power is applied to the drive tires in a controlled manner ensuring a smooth start each time
HillSense–Allows the cart to be safely used on inclines and declines. The cart will travel at the speed set by the user, not by the incline or decline
AutoLock-An automatic parking brake locks the wheels when the throttle is not being applied. This feature prevents the cart from rolling away from the user and also provides easy loading and unloading on inclines and decline
Emergency Stop–The red E-Stop button allows the user to immediately stop the progress of the cart
Four Wheel Design–All Overland Carts have at least four wheels to provide maximum stability
Overload Fuse–There is a built in overload fuse that measures the inputs of the drive system in real time. If the incline, load, or terrain begins to overwork the motor, a fuse will stop the cart and prevent any damage to the trans-axle
Throttle Controlled Braking–The braking is controlled by the throttle, simply let up on the throttle and the cart will slow down to the desired speed. To brake is automatically applied
Throttle Defaults to Zero MPH–If the throttle is released for any reason, the throttle will automatically return to the zero MPH position and the cart will safely coast to a stop. Autolock will then engage and the cart will be secure
No open gears, belts, or hot components–The design of the cart keeps hands safe and prevents possible burns caused by hot engine components
Enclosed Gear Box – Gears are enclosed for maximum safety and durability. The tran-saxle is sealed for life and does not require any maintenance
Manual Mode–Allows the cart to be operated without battery power
Forward/Reverse–Direction can be selected from the toggle switch on the handlebar. The cart travels the same speed in either direction
Zero Turn Radius–The open differential allows the cart to be spun in a circle without power being applied, allowing for a true zero turn radius
Near Silent Operation–The electric drive system is almost silent in its operation
IMPROVED Battery Life–6-8 hours of run time on a standard battery
110V On Board Charger–Charge the cart with an extension cord or plug it right in the wall
Battery Life Indicator–LED lights ensure you always know the current battery status
Powder Coated Frame–The chassis is welded and powder coated in house for lasting finish
Rechargeable AGM Sealed Lead Acid Batteries–Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are the most advanced batteries on the market and offer a spill-proof design
Removable Rechargeable Battery Pack–Quickly swap batteries or remove the battery to charge it

Additional Features:

Motor: 24 Volt DC Permanent Magnet Motor
Drive: Single Reduction Open Differential Trans-axle
Gear Ratio: 18:01
Speed: 0 - 3.2 mph/variable
Static/Park Brake: Electromechanical, Fail Safe
Battery: Removable & Rechargable 24V 21AH Sealed Lead Acid
Charger: On Board, 5 Amp
Operating Time: 6 - 8 Hours

Wheel Features:

Heavy Duty 15″ Drive Tires–Complete with a steel hub and heavy duty wheels
10″ Rear No Flat Swivel Casters–Foam filled heavy duty swivel wheels

Assembly Instructions:

Most hand trucks & carts are fully assembled when delivered. If assembly is required, easy to follow instructions will be provided by the manufacturer. We suggest you follow all instructions carefully per the manufacturer's instruction.

Maintenance Instructions:

Your new purchase may need regular maintenance. Parts like wheels and gears should be maintained based on the manufacturer's instruction to ensure proper and safe functionality.

Residential, Limited Access, or Military Installations Delivery: Please add $99.

Product Disclaimer:

Due to constant product development and improvement artwork, shape, color, size, description and schematics that appear on the web may not reflect the latest changes.