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  • Name: Mega Cart
  • L: 25" x W: 25" x H: 60" - Lbs: 61
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Price: $499.00
  • Sale: $399.00   Save: $100.00
Mega Cart
L: 25 x W: 25 x H: 60 Lbs: 61
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This Unit Includes:

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Product Description:

Our New 1,000 lb. Capacity Monster Cart Hand Truck is Big enough to move Heavy Units, yet light and compact enough to carry to your rental sites. Plus, the Wheel Protectors help ensure that your unit is safe from Tire Friction.

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Mega Cart Capacities:
1000 lb Capacity

Overall Size: 25"H x 25"W x 60"D

Wheel Features:
15" Tubless Tread Turf Tires with Oversized Wheel Guards

Assembly Instructions:
Most hand trucks & carts are fully assembled when delivered. If assembly is required, easy to follow instructions will be provided by the manufacturer. We suggest you follow all instructions carefully per the manufacturer's instruction.

Maintenance Instructions:
Your new purchase may need regular maintenance. Parts like wheels and gears should be maintained based on the manufacturer's instruction to ensure proper and safe functionality.

Residential, Limited Access, or Military Installations Delivery: Please add $99.

Product Disclaimer:

Due to constant product development and improvement artwork, shape, color, size, description and schematics that appear on the web may not reflect the latest changes.